Keeping in mind that mange is brought on by a weakness or breakdown of the immune system that allows these mites to proliferate in the first damn place, I decided that my dog needed building up from the inside out.  Since he was looking sickly and frail, it easy to come to this conclusion.  The first thing I did was add a small spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar to his drinking water. I used the Heinz brand that you use everywhere.  I did this to make his body a lil more toxic to critters externally as well as internally, being that Apple Cider Vinegar is highly acidic. It also boosts a dog's appetite, and Sarge needed to eat. I added ACV to his water bowl every day and there were no problems, his willingness to eat did seem to increase a bit, then I took the next step.

Every day, I gave dog 1/4 of a  FISH OIL softgel. This is mainly to support his immune system but it also helps with skin ailements and reducing itching. It's also generally beneficial to dogs by fighting allergies and arthritis.I Just popped a hole in one end of the softgel and squeezed out a bit, you can squeeze this into his food, on his bown or directly into his mouth. My dog loved the taste of this.

I decided to give my dog the herb ECHINACEA and also BREWER'S YEAST (with garlic).

-The echinacea was to boost and reinforce his weakened immune system. After research, I found that it was safe for dogs and works for dogs the same way it works for humans. Echinacea can be found in just about any drugstore, as I went and bought the tablets from my local pharamacy.

-Brewer's Yeast something that's full of B-vitamins and promotes excellent skin and coat health for your dog or cat. It's also beneficial to their brains supposedly. I had prior experience with this, using it to maintain my dog's coat a few years back.  The one I bought this time had the aded benefit of garlic which is also beneficial to the dog's immune system, being anti-bacterial and anti parasitic.

Every morning, I would take one Brewer's Yeast caplet and toss it to my dog, who would eat it without a hitch, my cat would even come for one. F&%k it, Princesss has to live too. After that, I'd take the echinacea tablet, crush it, and put a fraction of it in his food. One crushed tablet can be used  for about four days. The dog definately will not eat the whole pill of that, so don't even try. Just crush it and mix it.

Now we have all the weapons we need...

NEEM OIL ($5.00)
A CARRIER OIL (I used sesame seed oil)  ($2.00)
FISH OIL 1000mg Softgels
ECHINACEA 125mg Tablets

But you need the nuclear bomb... read on


  1. Good sharing, yes, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels. Read more at:

  2. Thank you. We got a new puppy and it appears we are going to be dealing with demodex mange. I'm going to try to Apple Cider Vinegar and the brewers yeast. I'm already using Fish Oil, yogurt, raw goats milk and he eats Taste of the Wild puppy food.

  3. Thank you, Chris for all of your wonderful, funny, and down to earth advice and comments! Great job on the recipes and supplements. I have used the borax/peroxide recipe and it worked well on my little dog and it did hurt him a bit. In fact, it washed away the extra flea killing product that was hurting him and eased his flea bite allergy. The use of chemicals on and in dogs is not good for dogs in the long hall. Nature fights back and wins when poisonous chemicals are used. Thank You write very well.

    Best Regards,

    Doris Wesbrooks

  4. Chris, I meant to say also that you write very well. It's great to see other people who care and are informed about what is best and safe to use on pets.

  5. Thank goodness for all of the sage advice on this blog...my poor little Chiweenie (15 yrs old) has gotten some kind of mange and is miserable. I am trying these methods offered up by others and praying that within a few days she'll show signs of improvement! Thanks to all of you!